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Time for a little break after 7 years non-stop content

The new webpage is in the works, but we might need another couple of months to get it done.  The org. plan to just update the page has been skipped, as we wanted to do something fresh & new like we did back in the day, when we started this. After some meetings in Madrid during the Red Bull X-Fighters Bob and I have now a clear direction, but we are pretty sure that it might take till New Years or till the start of the 2016 season to have everything under control.
Follow & Fan us on Facebook in the meantime, i will try to keep the flag up there a little bit with some support!
Thx for being a FAN.

After more then 7 years posting almost daily in this community I have to take a little break, as i will be on the road for the next weeks working on a new project with my friend and production Partner Matt Mougel from Faction Audiovisual and also have to catch up with a few other projects to stay in line.

The last couple of months have been more then intense and i had no time at all to prepare anything for my time being offline. The new project is going to be more then interesting and i have been also working intensly with the support of my lovely wife on the next step for FMXWorld.

What is going to come - if we can finally pull it - will be annouced here at a later point. The cash part is not set yet, but we are hoping the best.

My partner Bob might post some stuff in the meantime, but he is also more then bussy days, so expect not to many news in the next weeks, but don´t forget about us either.

Stay tuned and leave some comments why you like this page and why we should go on!

This would really help to get some motivation to invest more time to keep this Fan Project up, which at the moment is simply work with no reward for the time i spent on it and that already for a while....

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Comment by Lucie on October 13, 2014 at 1:29pm
First of all Thank U so very much Dan 4 all Your effort & work on this page For the platform U give 4 free. And many times thank U both BoB and Dan. It has been 7 years for me too since I found out that my early youth dream FMX was a reality.Alive & vivid & that there were all these Events to attend. And I did! But without FMXWorld I wouldn't have experienced these 'Best Times of my Life' I wondered some time ago: How about the future of FMXWorld? I have no answer. I hope that this site will get the energy back and a lot of people that will make this platformmuch alive & flourishing.
All the Best! And many many thanx 4 what you have given me & all the other die-heart Fans and awesome Riders. Dan and BoB you Rock!!!

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