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Nitro Circus Live O2 arena

After two years of touring Australia and New Zealand The Nitro Circus Live Tour landed in Europe.
We already knew this was going to be a special event, from watching all the highlight videos over the past few months, and hey its Nitro Circus, its going to be quality. So we went along to the amazing O2 Arena in London to see the action first hand.

The moment the Nitro Circus theme tune started to play and the audience began to go wild, the true nature of the live experience kicked in and we knew we were in for one hell of a ride. One by one the cast were introduced from various hiding places around the stadium.

Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana provided the first wad of the day, attempting to ride a huge skateboard off one of the two super sized landing ramps.
Adam Jones was first up to hit the fmx ramps,waving to the crowd as he soured past their heads.
Then from a stadium seat amongst the audience, a heavily disguised Travis Pastrana appeared, and made his way to the arena floor, where a giant box of matches was waiting for him to light the bomb that would set the show in motion,and get everyone dancing,amidst the smoke and fireworks.

Photo by Allan Pots

The action came thick and fast, Special Greg was first off the Giganta ramp, followed by the best skate and bmx riders in the business. The likes of Chad Kagy and Dusty Wygle throwing tricks you would only ever usually see at X-Games,
front flips, backflips, double backflips,i t was insane and this was just the beginning.

There were so many riders in the air at the same time,it was difficult to focus or know where to look next, but when the dirtbike engines fired up, i knew where i was looking.

Out they came,thirteen top class fmx riders from all over the globe, Josh Sheehan, Thomas Pages, Bilko, Adam Jones, Cam Sinclair, to name just a few.

The opening FMX section had all you would expect:
- a best trick competition
- best whip,
but no one was expecting audience participation.

Two volunteers were invited from the crowd, to become part of the Nitro Circus for the night.
Wrapped in MX gear and plonked together on a dirtbike, with Cam Sinclair as taxi driver,
the three of them quickly hit the ramp,for a backflip to remember.

Photo by Lee Curtis

The boys weren't the only FMX riders to backflip in the first half of the show!
Jolene stepped up to the plate in awesome style, her pink and white bike looked just right as she nudged it effortlessly into a backflip, nailing it first time, Jolene is definitely the most gnarly woman in motocross, but she drives a pretty mean Barbi car too.

Something we later witnessed as she dropped down the Giganta ramp,into a huge no hander in it.

Photo by Lee Curtis

Next it was time for a friendly, between team USA and a heavily subbed Team G.B.
Lets just say there were a lot of honorary Brits in the team in London.

Which was a bit of luck,as after four runs of mayhem on both the fmx side and the Giganta ramp side,
The UK reigned victorious,as our crew had the best tricks,and the crowds cheers sealed the deal.

Next the riders from both sides merged, three deep and side bye side, for one of the most jaw dropping parts of the show so far.

The Nitro Bomb

What followed was even more eye watering, as the All In section kicked off, with everyone on everything, flying through the air for a good five minutes.
Never before had we seen so many huge tricks,in one place and in such a short space of time.

360 variations, huge Whips, McMetz, Shaolin flips, Jackhammers, Rulers, Superman Seat Grabs, in fact i can´t think of a trick that wasn't pulled,so i will stop there.

It was kinda like watching X-Games on fast forward and made you feel very much alive.
This brought the first half to an explosive finish,and with Josh Sheehan being the only minor casualty from the chaos
you could only call it an all round success so far.

Photo by Allan Potts

To start the second half in typical redneck style, the infamous ice cooler jump was first on the list.
But to be fare this was easily outdone, seconds later, by the most insane FMX trick trains i have ever seen.
I counted ten riders jumping so close together you couldn't pass wind between them.

Cliff Hanger train, Rock Solid train and the incredible Ruler train, were all executed with the precision that only riders at the top of their game could pull off! It was breathtaking!!!

Not to be outdone, the BMX riders pulled a massive train of their own, with Frontflips, Backflips and Tailwhips aplenty.
Which was closely matched by some gnarly heal clicker backflips from the fmx crew.
Giving them the edge with the crowd,to win the challenge.

Nitro Poetry In Motion..

Nitro Circus just wouldn't be the same without some crazy contraptions,and some big wheel tricycle action.
Just about anything you can strap wheels to is fare game on the Giganta ramp, and there was no shortage of volunteers lined up to wad themselves, attempting to flip the redonkulous inventions.

But Dusty Wygle took it the next level with this insane Lazyboy Flip on a Big-Wheel.

Photo By Lee Curtis

For the next FMX section, Adam Jones really earned his wages, flipping every trick the other riders did right side up.
His ability as a rider was tested to the max,with no room for error,he pulled the sickest Ruler flip ive seen up close,
only to top it with an insane double grab flip,that would have won him podium in some competitions.

This rounded things up nicely for The Challenge Travis competition winning entry to be announced.
A young guy from Devon England, suggested he would like to see a Special Flip performed on a dirtbike.

Of course we all know from Red Bull X-Fighters, there was only one man for the job, who happend to be on hand to take up the challenge. The innovative: Thomas Pages.

Thomas Pages Special Flip

This would be the first of Thomas Pages solo jumps, his earlier whips were stunning, but we were also treated to a Vault from the Fenchman. He makes it look so simple, but it really is a nail or fail trick.

This being Nitro and all, Travis wasn't happy with just one Vault, oh no and in no time Clinton Moore was summoned to go side by side with Thomas.
The crowds went crazy,and a huge roar went around the arena,like someone had just scored a goal in the cup final.

How on Earth could this show get any better???
Only Aaron "Wheels" Fotheringham could lift the spirits any higher, with his courageous and inspirational story.
Wheels has Spina Bifida and has been using a wheel chair since he was three years old.

But it hasn't stopped him from becoming one of the most respected members of the Nitro crew.
For night after night Wheels launches himself in his wheelchair down the Giganta ramp,
Attempting backflips and doubleflips, and smashing himself up regularly in the process.

Tonight though, Wheels was going for a front flip, and he gave it his all, but he didn't quite make it first time round,
and with the heart of a lion, he was straight back up for another go,

It just wasn't his night, but the O2 was on its feet to give the guy a well deserved standing ovation anyway.

Photo by Lee Curtis

Nitro Circus Live, was by far the best event i have been to in the UK, and i can't see anything topping it in the near future. We waited a long time for it, but i am sure all of you, who were lucky enough to be at any of the events so far,
will agree, it was definitely worth waiting for.

The great news is they are coming back to England next year.

- November 26th 2013 Manchester Arena

- November 28th 2013 Birmingham NIA

- November 29th 2013 Earls Court London

For Tickets visit

Or Ticketmaster  via this link

Just like to say Thank You to Travis and all the Nitro Circus, for giving myself Allan and Lee such awesome hospitality.

We really did have the time of our lives, and will never forget our adventure with the Nitro Circus.

Thanks also to Caroline,Carlos,and Sam,you guys are dream makers,i can't thank you enough.

See you next year,Its all Nitro Baby .......................................................ov'0

Mick Fenwick for FmxWorld












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Comment by Bob on December 17, 2012 at 11:57am

YES! I am glad you loved it - I loved it as well in Vienna! Bitro Circus rocks!

Comment by Mickstrana £1.99 on December 15, 2012 at 1:36am

Thanks guys,and Merry Christmas :)

Comment by Marcos Maia on December 15, 2012 at 1:28am

Amazing post Mick!! I like very much your job. Congrats!!

Comment by Alexa on December 14, 2012 at 7:51pm

nicely writen  :)

Comment by Allan Potts on December 13, 2012 at 8:18pm

Mick well crafted and great report as always Dude. It was a magic event and with great company roll on the next one :)

Comment by Lucie on December 13, 2012 at 7:33am

Thank u Mick for your respectful and awesome story. If u ever have experienced Nirto Circus Live i think it is life-changing. 'Love your words and to read your experiences with the Nitro Crew. Don't forget also Belgium is on the list 5 december 2013 Nitro Circus Antwerpen Sportpaleis/Sportpalace. Keep telling your stories bro' they are something to look forward to. Thanx for your happy report!

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