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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Used Dirt Bike Parts

Buying dirt bike parts used instead of new is a great way to lower your expenses, especially when things go wrong. There are many considerations you should keep in mind when you purchase used dirt bike parts, and if you buy low quality parts they can cause your dirt bike to malfunction, making it a literal deadly mistake. These are our top 4 mistakes to avoid when you are buying used dirt bike parts.

1. You go with the first thing you find.

Buying used dirt bike parts is easy, right? You go to Google, type in “used dirt bike parts”, click on the first link and buy from them.

Buying from the first vendor you find can be a huge mistake. You have no gauge of quality unless you look at a variety of different online shops, and you also have no gauge of price. You may end up getting ripped off, or even worse you may receive low quality parts that can cause further damage to your dirt bike or lead to malfunction and injury.

2. You don’t do your research on the part.

You may need a chain, fuel tank, or exhaust silencer, but when you are buying used and salvaged parts not OEM parts, you will need to know much more detail about the part you are ordering. Know the make, model, and year of your bike, and you may also need to check your manual for additional information about the parts, or take measurements to ensure that you get the right thing. This will save you a whole lot of time and stress, and your parts will always be the perfect fit.

3. You don’t research the policies.

Each company you can order from has different policies. Do the parts you are ordering have any sort of warranty against defect? If they arrive and are in poor condition can you return them for a full refund? If you have accidentally ordered the incorrect part or you find the part locally and no longer need it can you return them for free despite that the company is not at fault? It’s important to know what you are getting into before ordering. A good company will not hassle you about returning an item, especially if it doesn’t meet your needs or standards.

4. You don’t research the quality standards or salvage process.

Every company will have a different salvage process. Make sure that the company you purchase from has experienced technicians who can identify any problem with the parts prior to listing them for sale. The parts should be clean and have no mechanical defect. Occasionally a part might have an aesthetic defect like a mark or slight dent, and the company should be upfront and honest about any aesthetic defect with photos to document.

Dirt biking can be an expensive lifestyle, especially when something goes wrong. You can make it easy on yourself and your budget by buying used parts, but if you are not careful you may get something that causes more trouble than it’s worth.

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