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When Emma McFerran started her freestyle career,no one could have expected the rapid success that was to follow.

From joining the Crusty Demons on tour to being crowned worlds best female freestyle rider,

its been one hell of a ride for the young Australian.

So we caught up with Emma to get the lowdown on her rise to freestyle fame..............

Hi Emma and welcome to Fmxworld ; )

Hey Guys !

You first made a name for yourself racing women's motocross,which you did for eight years solid. 

When did you first take an interest in freestyle,and who or what motivated you to take it up yourself ?

I first started taking an interest in FMX thanks to my brother, Matty McFerran.

We grew up racing together and he made the switch to FMX after a few years however I continued racing.

Matty was always trying to convince me to come jump ramps with him and telling me the opportunity that existed for me if I was to take up FMX, but I never really listened to him and was more interested in MX at the time.

After hanging out at a few stops of Nitro Circus with him, I realized how awesome his lifestyle was so decided to quit my job and give FMX a shot !

The FMX Awards voted you Best Female FMX rider 2012 ,How cool is that ?

and how does it feel to be pioneering women's freestyle, in such a male dominated sport ?

It was pretty cool be titled the ‘Best Female FMX rider’ in the world! Rather than winning,

I was more pumped to have been recognized around the world, as I didn’t think my name would be able to compete with the likes of Jolene Van Vugt and the huge fan base she has.

But its pretty awesome feeling to be acknowledged around the world as one of the only females amongst the guys.

Currently Jolene and yourself are the only women in the world who have nailed the backflip. 

Do you think we will see you two flipping side by side in future, or even competing against each other?

 I hope so for sure! Joe and I have talked about the idea a bunch of times, its just making it happen now.

Following on from your success, do you think we will see more female riders making the crossover to FMX ?

I hope to see more girls out there giving FMX a shot.

Now that other females have seen me out there and seen that it’s not just a guys sport I’m sure we will see more girls riding FMX in the future.

Where do you see women's freestyle in the next five years ?

In the next five years I’d love to see one of the big comps like X Games or X Fighters having a female FMX class.

Right now I know it’s a long was off but if more girls get involved I’m sure we could make it happen.

Do you think men's and women's freestyle competitions would be better combined

or kept separate,like MX ? 

I think keeping the classes separate makes it not so intimidating for females.

Back when I grew up racing I was in amongst the guys as one of the only females, it never really worried me but as soon as we got our own class a lot more girls started racing.

The guys are also at a completely different level in FMX then me, and I wouldn’t stand a chance right now haha.

For someone who has only been riding freestyle for a couple of years,you have quite a loaded trick bag. 

What are your favourite right side up tricks,and what are you working on at the moment ?

My favorite up right that I can do would have to be a superman. It’s a trick I always found easy and had fun doing.

At the moment I’m working on grab tricks, I learnt all bar tricks to begin with so just getting grabs sorted now.

I would like to have a lot more tricks but find it difficult to practice as much as I would like to without having my own compound to ride at.

It’s also pretty difficult with most of my friends working full time and finding someone to come out and watch me ride.

Has riding out at Jackson Strong's place, had much influence on how big your going, 

and whats it like to have Jacko as a buddy ?

Having the opportunity to ride with Jacko at his amazing set up was awesome,

and I still can’t thank him and his family enough for all their help!

Riding out there with him and the boys pushed me for sure as everyone is always feeding off and trying to out do

each other.

I’m really grateful to have him as buddy as he has helped me out so much along the way.

Your first big break was joining The Crusty Demons on tour in 2010. 

Those shows were pretty wild, and quite a different environment to the MX track. 

What were the highlights of the tour for you,and what was the craziest thing you did ??

Haha yeah things can get pretty crazy hanging out with the Crusty crew.

Being part of the 2010 tour was pretty amazing though,

I went into the tour with never even riding in a show before and to perform for my very first time in front of an arena filled with more than 15,000 people was a crazy experience, and something I’ll never forget.

Don’t think I got up to anything to crazy like the rest of the guys haha, just drinking to much, carrying on at the after parties and almost missing my flight the next morning.

You were here in Europe appearing at NOTJ recently, and went down a storm with the fans. 

Did you enjoy the event, and what do you like most about Europe?

I loved Europe! Before I flew over for NOTJ I’d never been to Europe or truthfully had even thought about traveling.

I had an amazing time over there though and loved the different lifestyle.

It was a struggle getting use to the freezing temperatures on my first trip, but luckily had warmed up a lot by my next visit in May.

I’d have to say I loved the food and cheap alcohol the best! haha

Highlight of my trip so far would have to be spending a week out in Niederdorla,riding and living the German lifestyle with the Ackermann’s.

It was an amazing experience and their family was great,And I loved the Ackermann’s little village where they live.

Both Hannes and Luc are great riders, did you notice much difference between European and Australian riding styles ?

Biggest difference I noticed was that the European’s spend a huge amount of time practicing their tricks in the foam pit and not to dirt.

Finally, Whats next for Emma McFerran? 

and do you have any events coming up where we can come and see you in action?


Next up I’ll be heading to China in August to flip at four NOTJ events.

Until then I’ll just be trying to practice as much as possible, which is hard at the moment being winter here in Australia.

We’ve had a heap of rain and wind down here in Melbourne lately.

I’m also currently dealing with ARD (Australian Ramp Design) and getting a super kicker built so I will have my own ramp to practice flips on,I can’t thank Dion from ARD enough for this opportunity !

And thanks Fmxworld for the interview ! :)

Your very welcome,thanks so much for joining us,and good luck for the future.


For more info on Emma check out her awesome website

Or why not say hi over on Emma's new FmxWorld profile page :)

photos courtesy of Emma and Matty McFerran



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Comment by James Joseph on July 11, 2013 at 2:03pm

One hell of a rider! 

Comment by Jancis on July 1, 2013 at 8:57am

Tnx bro!!

Comment by Mickstrana £1.99 on June 23, 2013 at 3:27pm

Thanx Lucie,

There are some really awesome photographs on Emma's website too,you should definitely check them out :)

Comment by Lucie on June 23, 2013 at 9:57am
Nice interview beautifull pictures Thanx Mick!

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