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Blake "Bilko" Williams talks Nitro Circus Live, X-Fighters and more

As the season finale of X-fighters draws closer and the Nitro Circus Live Tour gets ready to set sail to European shores,we catch up up with Bilko,for a chat about his year,career,and life in the circus

Blake Bilko Williams


Hi Blake thanks for taking time to talk to us

How are you,and how are you enjoying the season so far ?

Well this season hasn't gone the best, sure i have been at every event, but i sustained really bad bone bruising in my ankle at the first stop of X fighters. i had 2 weeks off and went back to Australia to do the Nitro circus tour there. its been over 4 months since the injury and it is just now showing signs of being close to normal, so ive been just going from event to event and haven't been able to practice in between as much.

The Nitro Live tour is coming to Europe in November,what can we expect to see from you and whats it like to be part of the Nitro family ?

The Nitro circus Europe tour is fast approaching and everyone is getting very exited.i will be doing my best to put on a great show as i know the European crowds really get into it,and i know that will pump all the other guys up to go bigger and better.

We've got the top FMX's jumping side by side upside down in trains,as well as the craziest BMX guys around throwing the sickest tricks, Ive seen the show at least 40 times and it still blows me away.

Being part of the Nitro family is pretty wild,everyone pushes each other to do their best on and off the bikes.

                                                                                                         Nitro Circus Live.


What do you get up to between shows when your not practicing ?

When we are in Australia i get to travel home during the week, but when we toured NZ last year we went sky diving, bungee jumping, drove jet sprint boats, went street luging.

There is never a dull moment on tour! the Euro tour is going to be a lot more hectic with back to back shows and only 1 or 2 days off here and there so i think we will just enjoy the sights and get some much needed rest !

What is the most insane thing you have done at an after party ?

The after party's get pretty wild,i would say everyone just probably have a few too many drinks and who knows what can happen haha.

You have won many medals and received lots of awards in your career so far,which ones mean the most and why ?

Definitely 2009 is a standout, i was the first international rider to win Gold in FMX at the x games,so that was special.

I also got a silver medal in best trick, won the Transworld FMX rider of the year, and the Lusk Legacy rider of the year !

X-Games Gold.


The 360 combo's your pulling are pretty next level,how much harder is it to throw in a combination ?

Its a lot harder than a flip because a flip, you have about a 30% margin for error in the rotation,you can under rotate or over rotate a little and be fine,but with a 360 any rotational error means you land sideways,and 9 out of 10 times means a face plant.

So every time you do a combo it modifies the rotation... so with the 360 you have to be so precise off the ramp and do the combo perfect or its good night !

How easy did you find the transition from a 250 to a 350,and what makes the KTM SX350 your weapon of choice ?

The transition was easy,it just took a little while to alter the set up on the sub frame and battery for the grab holes.

I love the fuel injection and electric start its perfect for me.

Some riders are branching out into other action sports like Rallycross and Trophy Truck racing,
Is there anything you would like to do apart from freestyle ?

The trophy truck racing definitely looks like so much fun,id love to try that soon.

Where is your favourite place to ride ?

My favourite place to ride would definitely be Schuieville on the Gold coast.

Its almost finished up now as Schuie is selling his property, but it has a full FMX park, massive dirt jumps, step ups and hip jumps.

A lot of awesome video parts have been filmed there, a lot of crazy tricks landed and a lot of fun riding with my mates.

              Mat Schubring going huge at the ranch.


 How did you start learning to backflip and how do you find new combinations ?

I started flipping a bmx, then a minibike,then just went straight to dirt on the big bike as there wasn't really foam pits back then. most of my combo's i learnt to dirt but the foam pit is always good to try something your not that confident with until you get it spot on.

Are you in the process of learning a new trick,if not what would you like to learn next ?

Not right now, with my ankle injury i have just been trying to keep in check with all my tricks i have now.

Crusty Demons,X-Games ,X-Fighters ,Nitro Circus Live,whats next for Bilko ?

Oh man i don't really know, i am just enjoying what i am doing right now and trying to make the most of it that's for sure !

Allan our camera man asks "can i have your bike at the end of the tour,or will you take monthly payments" lol

Haha i will be riding a borrowed bike from FMX4ever in Europe so he will have to run it by them !!!

but i need all my suspension and other parts to take home to Australia !

Bilko defies gravity on the Nitro Live Tour


Do you have a message for the fans and members of FmxWorld ?

Hope to see all you guys at the shows coming up ! You wont be disappointed that's for sure !!!

Thanks again for your time Blake,and good luck with the rest of the tour.

For More Info,Tour dates and tickets visit and stay tuned to FmxWorld.

 Article by Mick Fenwick FMXGB for FmxWorld.


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Comment by Bob on September 7, 2012 at 12:14pm

Oh I love ot - THANX to our UK reporter. Cheers Bob

Comment by Mickstrana £1.99 on September 3, 2012 at 12:09am

Don't encourage him Lucy lol

Comment by Lucie on September 2, 2012 at 2:37pm
Comment by Allan Potts on September 2, 2012 at 1:38pm

How cool is that and he even answered my question <g> ok who has an email address for FMX4ever and will it run as good without suspension? Roflmao 

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