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How to create a Blogpost with pictures & videos

Getting started - Add a blogpost first

Blog posts are a great way to share stories and express yourself right on your profile page. While threads in your network's forum are about community discussion, your blog is about you. On a network for outdoor music festival fans, you may want to write a blog post detailing your first concert, complete with photos, or a post about your favorite concert venues.

To get started, go to your profile page and locate the "Blog Posts" module in the middle column. Click the "Add a Blog Post" link.

Advanced Options - Pimp post with pictures, links or styles

You can add text, links, images, and files to your blog post using the blog editor toolbar.
You can make the text you put in your blog post or text box bold, italicized or underlined, as well as add a hyperlink, insert an image, or embed a video.

To insert a link, highlight the text you want to be linked and click the "Insert a Link" icon, which looks like chain links in the toolbar. In the box that pops up type the URL you want the text to link to. Once you save your post, anyone can use the link.

You can insert an image to your post by clicking the "Add an Image" button, which looks like a framed picture, in the toolbar. A window will appear prompting you to select a photo from your computer to upload. Once you've found the image you want, click the "Add" button.

To embed a video, just copy the HTML embed code and paste it into your blog post. When you publish your post, anyone will be able to see the video.

Finally, you can upload a file by clicking the white page icon. Anyone will be able to download the file by clicking it.

Blog Settings - It´s your choice who will see your post and when

At the bottom you can also select the privacy of your blog post to allow anyone on the network to view it, just your friends on the network, or just you.
If you want to create the blog today, but it should first be visible a couple of days later you can also set date and time of the posting.


Resize the pics to not more then 425 wide that they look best and do not disturb the blogmodul.
Another way is to go into the options of the Picture selection modul and select the size there
plus you add the klickbox that people see the org. size once clicking on the picture.
That way the system will resize (crop) to the pixelsize you enter (425px is best, if your org picture is at least that big!), but it can be viewed bigger.
If you do this add always something below the pic like: "Click on the picture for Org. size."

We hope this helps!

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