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Double backflips, frontflips... What do you think about them?

As you know, even FMX is pushing the limits higher and higher. Since Travis Pastrana landed the double backflip at X Games, couple guys has picked it up too. So, I was wondering what do you think about FMX getting more dangerous and "force" the guys to push their limits and sort of "chase death" to become mor exclusive?

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FMX is an sport in continuously develop, years ago it was believed that it was impossible to perform a backflip, someones thought that was the end of the sport. Now we see tricks that thought impossible or unimaginable. On the one hand would like to think that there are no limits, but now I think the riders take risks  inconsiderate, and not only them, but increasingly producers and fans push and ask  to them for more and more.

the result of that is some riders are quitting to go contests and participate only in exhibitions

It is hard thing like Rana said some tricks were unbelievable some years ago and we can watch this tricks in the competitions. If you say for a rider don´t try a new trick it could be something against the FMX spirit. Maybe the best way could be to separete the show from the competitions. The rider must prioritize one or other and dedicate his attention for this way.

My humble opinion is surely the whole spirit of FMX is doing what you are told is impossible to do? I feel that the riders do bigger tricks because they want to. Not to win competitions. Why do people strive to climb the highest mountains, base jump, be the fastest,jump the furthest etc? Why did Maddo jump New Years eve up 10 stories onto a building and then plummet back down the landing ramp? Sorry I don't think its for the money, and I don't think its the fame, I think its for the spirit of adventure for being where no-one else has before and that is becoming a rarer and rarer place to be. And he did it to be the best of his sport. If we say no to double flips in competition where do we draw the lines? No new tricks because its too dangerous. Life is dangerous and if we put limits on our lives we limit the fun of living it.   

I am not saying with should or the organizators say no to doule flips or anything what may seem dangerous. I know it's not only the competition between the riders what make them to push the border further. I know that everything is possible. I just sometimes feel, that they are pushing too fast or too early. Sometimes the sponsors or organizators doesn't notice the riders because they do the tricks which everybody does...

On the other hand, some of the so-called fans finds the old school tricks easy and don't appreciate the riders till they do something remarkably reckless like a douple. I think it's sad...

I igree with you Alexa. I said to some friends that a double backflip or a front flip are very difficult tricks but a combo mixing two or three tricks or old school tricks are amazing too. On of the tricks that I love very much is whip. I know Brazilian riders that said the same.


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