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How old should kids be to jump pro-ramps?

Jasyn Roney /age 6/ AUS - sick ass - jumps 60feet on a 50ty.
my respect to his parents that they dont shit their pants. this little boy palying with his toy. he got no balls and still no brain for pain.
we need some pros and cons. go for it. looking forward for your coments. happy new year.

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Hi brother!

 I understand what you would like to say. I totally igree with you. It will be much better if they reduce the risk. :-)

crashbag is the minimum parents should look after,

to life his dream with in an age of 6. sure why not - but why not to wait a little more, to get him stronger?

A kid with an age of 6 hasnt a lot of muscles which strengh their bodies,

sure bones heal much faster! But does anyone knows the body structur of Travice nowadays?

his knees war done! his kneejoint are ruint in his ange.

Do you realy think your son wona life his dream till 21 - then hi is done with in.

Fab is the only guy in know how stayed pretty save with his crashes. 

Foampit:   didnt sound like fun what matt rebeaud told me to jump in the foampit a lot,

                  shure it is much saver, but the broken femur of mat happend in the foampit.

                   smelly gasolina in the FP etc. , the weight of the bike on a 6 year old kid in the foampit

                  Ask the PRO if they love the faompit

Hei Kliclac!

 I didn´t know Matt Rebeaud has broken his femur ona a foan pit.  Maybe they could creat some rules for kid to start this sport. For example less distance and less high to jump, power of the dirt bike and much older. The most important think is to left the kid safe and they mustn´t  to trate the kid like a professional.

 I think that every sport has some kind of problem for a young kid. It isn´t only in FMX. Of course some kind of sports are much dangerous than others but think about soccer. A young kid playing and training like a professional. It is the same situation.


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