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How old should kids be to jump pro-ramps?

Jasyn Roney /age 6/ AUS - sick ass - jumps 60feet on a 50ty.
my respect to his parents that they dont shit their pants. this little boy palying with his toy. he got no balls and still no brain for pain.
we need some pros and cons. go for it. looking forward for your coments. happy new year.

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Amazin' Jasyn!


fore sure it is amazing - but does he knows the risk ???

i hope he gets the right guidance 

guess there's a role 4 the parents

i'd say 'leave the stunts till you are older'

and well what's the age to start doing the big trics?!

what's older?!   what's wise   

kliclac this is worth a serious discussion and thinking 

indeed   & FMXWorld is the right place/platform

the kid cannot possibly know the risk...!!!

nice post!

the little guy kills it.

Aussie, what else can you say....

check also the news about him riding Crusty Tour. It´s right after in the youtube player......

i believe, once i feat it. we will get a few more comments.... don´t you.....

Hi Kliclac,


        I thnk that for a kid with 6 years old the risk is something there they don´t know yet.  The question is the kid want to start in FMX or the parents want this. The demage could be enormous by the pressure over the kid. It is necessary to respect the decisions of the kid without to forgete his feelings and dreams.

        The other side is to start so earlier in FMX is good because the kid could be a great rider.


DO you really think a kid can make a serious decision, in that risky sport.

SURE a great rider - big sensation - everyone will freak out - 
sure thats what everyone or kids dream is about.

"a HERO"

what he has to pay for ??? 

do his parents have to pay for - maybe.

he is riding for 4 years allready he got some skills, 
not a clue of his own what can happen .

don´t forget the slam. learning by doing. havy injuries with pain is the game of it.

percussions and impacts in this age is medicalwise be much worse and will cause 

serious damages for the future. the budy is still growing


Pastrana is Happy - but ask him how he feels when he is getting up in the morning,

his joints are fucked up - he will be the younges athlet for knewjoint replacements.

no riding a mxbike after the surgery that any more.

when he is 25 and feel like 75, and still has to go or wheel for onother 60 years


do you realy think he ll enjoy 60 years of dreaming about the past??


What is the opinion of the PRO´s - How old would you expect your son blasting over

your ramps with all consequences.

It is hard enough to watch Pros crashing because some thing went wrong - do you 

want to watch a kid.


I don´t think that a kid could make a serious decision to start in FMX but he may have a disere to do it. The final decision is a part of the parents. When I wrote this I was thinking about the pressure over the kid to jump something a professional rider for example.


You said two important points about the payment and the day after of the jumps. It is something complicated to talk about payment. I haven´t a opiniion about this.About you have talked injuries and the consequences after jumps year by year I think the correct age to start in FMX could be 18. This age your body is stronger and the young rider is starting jump FMX ramps.


I don´t like watch a crash of rider and I can´t imagine a kid crash jump. I am very worried when my godson injuried himself plaing soccer :-)

That's an amazing kid! I mean I've never seen a 6 years old kid jumping so high and that far with a bike.... sometimes I think it's better that he's enjoying what he does and he prefers to be outside than sitting at home watching telly or playing violent video games. On the other hand, does he know what he risk? One of those jumps could have ended bad... However, I think he's not pushing it that hard, we can see that if he doesn't feel it'll work of he does not have enough speed he's not going for it and risking an accident... But it's really hard to tell if it's good to let a 6 years old child doing such things...

Very interesting argument indeed. Kliclac you've raised some very worthy points. It's admirable that a 6 year old has the passion for FMX and the courage to try such massive jumps but children are fearless due to lack of judgement from limited life experiences. How informed are the parents of the risks? Who are we to judge? Who is mentoring Jasyn?

I shall ponder more!!


Fantastic! Ok its a hard discussion though. As an FMX fan I think its amazing what this little dude can do. I have met Luc Ackerman last year and a nicer young man I am yet to meet, Luc is the youngest to backflip at the Night of Jumps and he was 11. Starting these guys off young who knows what they will be doing in a few years time our champions of the future.

But putting my other helmet on as a parent. If this is the young guys dreams and not his dad's then he should be encouraged. And any parent who is brave enough to allow their son/daughters to do this is far more brave than 1. But then we have the what ifs? God forbid but any child can run into  road chasing a ball or fall whilst climbing a tree etc etc. And young bones heal a lot quicker than old But this wouldnt happen every day/week So by allowing youngsters to ride I suppose we increase the odds of an accident happening. So the risks must be looked at and where possible controlled. Fr instance use of foam pit until he knows a trick blindfold etc.

So am I for or against? I am for because if we don't allow our children to chase their dreams the world would be a lot sadder place and we cannot wrap our children in cotton wool. But it must be done with a strict safety regime just to reign in any over ambitious plans and to take his training step by step  

I didn´t think this Allan.  When you said 'So the risks must be looked at and where possible controlled. Fr instance use of foam pit until he knows a trick blindfold etc.' I think you are talking about to don´t let the kid land in hard ramps, isn´t it?

Hi Marcos No my friend I meant that they could use foam pits for his training until they knew he was capable of landing whichever trick he was learning. But also lots of sensible safety measures. For example with the video that goes with this post. was it necessarie to introduce the vehicle and earth mover between take off and landing? It means that if there is a mechanical failure on his bike and he goes short he has a large steel bucket to hit? Just makes the jump more dangerous for no reason? Surely that jump by a 6 year old is amazing enough? Also if he was my boy I would want an airbag / Crash bag against the front of the landing ramp. Just little tweeks but keeps the young dude a bit safer.


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