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Here you can post and discuss all the great features or improvements you would like us to add to

We will give regular feedback about the progress of certain features.

So help us to make even better.

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ideas so far:
- add a feature were people can search for members in there area so the can meet close riders, and set up little thing in the area for people close to them!

- liked to read something about dirt bike setup, tips, security and other thinks to help the beginners .

- One idea is to publish once month a on-line interview with some pilot with all community .
FMXWORLD Clothing, Miss FMXWORLD Competition, FMXWORLD DEMO's and Party. I'll bring the beer!!! FMXWORLD rider trading cards.
Did you see RENNER?!!!
Miss FMXWORLD yeah, I will personally see after this idea! And I will start in Madrid.
so ... what happened to this idea? :)
more trick tip's .more fmx mx bike set up tips'.
hey michael,

thx for your input.
when the contest summer is over, we will focus more on the stuff you asking for.
right now i´m working on a bike setup podcast.
tricktip´s is def. a good point. maybe i will find a pro, who does a monthly trickbox or so....
packin´ up and leaving for red bull x-fighters madrid now......
stay tuned and do not miss the action in las ventas by checkin´ our backstage daily updates here....
Live podcast interviews with riders would be cool.
hey draver,

just have a look at
go to Media then to Audioplayer.

there you will find a lot of audio interviews.
rainer, the guy who does it is always on side and we work kind of together in the riders pit. means he snakes my interviews and i snake his stuff to make it easy for the boys (not to answer a question 10 times).

after the show is over he cuts the audio and loads it up on the page.
so that is probely the first org. comment you will anywhere within 2h after the events.

check that shit after the poland stop.

late DAN
That will come. Just wait and be surprised!
This page rulllz!
Thanks so much to Bob and Dan and everyone involved in making this such an awesome website!

My thoughts are that I like the fact that it's an international community and we're not segmented by geographics. Members are friendly and not pretentious. I think the idea of adding a feature that would enable us to find people in our local digs is great, and could lead onto other exciting adventures for FMX world.
Another thing that I enjoy is the fact you haven't sold out to loads of sponsors and you don't cheap it up with pop ups etc. Bravo.

I personally would love to get more involved in the scene and would love to find employment so a jobs board would useful.

I want to come to the FMXWORLD party and enter the Miss FMXWORLD comp AND play FMX cards, I am Branding Managers dream!!

Keep up the goodness guys. Thanks again for your work. xx
Hi Emlee... cheers for your nice words. party and miss... well maybe we set something up in London :-) and we will try to stay advertising free...


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